Friday, February 4, 2011

Blythe doll customising

Ella and I have entered the Blythe doll world and boy-o-boy there is alot more to it than you might expect!

We have joined in a Blythe doll swap (first swap ever).
There is 48 members and you make/ buy (3) things for your swap partner's doll.

There is a Flickr account where you can post pictures and join in on discussions re: anything Blythe.

I have been really enjoying it.
Ella and I have learnt so much about this collectible called Blythe.

I am in love with customised Blythes.
Blythe owners (brave ones) do alterations to their dolls such as:
  • Boggling eyes (eyes move around more and you have a wider eye)
  • Gaze correction (their eyes look more upwards instead of down)
  • Sanding faces (making them matte not shiny)
  • Re rooting scalps (sometimes with human hair and lovely mohair)
  • New makeup and eyelashes
  • Sleeping eye
  • Hair dying
  • Freckles (love freckles)
I am still in the honeymoon phase of owning a Blythe doll so am feeling a bit nervous about opening their heads and cutting this bit and that bit.

They are not cheap dolls to buy to start with so I would hate to destroy one by shaving off to much plastic or something.

I need to do more research and watch a few more Youtube videos.

Here are some photos of some customised dolls which are absolutely lovely....
As you can see they are a bit more lifelike and less doll-like. They have much more personality I think.
 Source: Gina M Smithe from Blythe-o-Mania

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  1. Lovely. I love your post and all images. I just collected my Blythe at PIJ. Its really awesome and pretty amazing. Thanks for your nice review.


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