Monday, April 4, 2011

Caravan crazy!

There is no denying it...I love caravans!!

I can't wait to drive off into the sunset with the van on the back and lead a simple, basic life for (6) months exploring our great country with the kids.

After packing a few boxes on Sunday, I decided I needed a bit of 'sewing' therapy.
So instead of continuing to pack boxes, I launched into sewing my retro caravan quilt top.
Very productive!!
So here is a sneak peek........

I don't usually name quilts.
I can't help but feel that this one needs a name......any ideas??.........anyone?????


  1. ...I feel like suggesting "Escape". It looks stunning! Enjoy your caravanning, hope you still post and keep us in the loop of all the adventures you will have!

  2. Wow you knocked that out quick! it looks fantastic too, im hopeless with names ,i would just be calling it the caravan quilt. (i know im so original!)

  3. r u in australia? there is a big craft shop called spotlight here in nz(dont know if u have it) and they have a cushion with different caravans from like the 70s on it its fab!! and was like $20, i got one a few months back...

  4. Winona is what I would call it.xx

  5. Rochelle- do like 'escape', very appropriate.

    Melissa- That is exactly what I have been calling it!

    Anita- I like it. 'How to make an American quilt" is one of my favourite movies. Is that where you got the name from? or short for Winnebago?

  6. Sensational! How exciting your adventure is getting closer.
    I'm like Melissa and call things as I see them. We have a 'big' car and a 'little' car. Not very original I'm afraid!

  7. For some reason these vans look like boys to me- I'm thinking "Percy". It looks gorgeous, the colours are lovely.

  8. I think it looks spectacular! I'd call it the 'Percy quilt'. No reason why. Just 'Percy Quilt' because it's a stand-alone spectacular quilt made by a wonderwoman.

  9. Winona-Percy quilt is looking good!

  10. I think Winona is a hit! Megan, I just love this quilt, and have a real thing for caravans too. We grew up caravaning and have the best memories. My Mum and Dad went in their honeymoon in a caravan just like this, and I have some great photos of them in front of the van looking all coy... so cute. Have a look at the website for the best little carvavan and car brooch ever! Now, the big question, is this a pattern or have you been super clever and created this yourself? As always, I love your colour combinations, their fantastic. Happy sewing, Michelle (from The Quilters Corner, and also Lemon Jellie - )xx

  11. Love it... name??? Ummm.... 'Possibilities'. G x


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