Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unintentional blog break

Times have been a bit tough here at the Olive and Esther household (to say the least).
Our amazing daughter has become ill and has been in hospital for several weeks now. 
(Hence the unintentional blogging break)

The pain of seeing one of your babies sick is shocking and unbearable as I know all of you will understand. 
We have always thought Ella was a special, amazing child and we are ever so proud of her and her incredible spirit during these tough times.
 I will be eternally grateful to the wonderful Royal Children's Hospital and our wonderful friends and family who have helped us out in so many ways. 
Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.


  1. My heart goes out to you. Nothing is worse than seeing your child suffering. My son has had 3 hospitalizations in his 5 short years and each has been very traumatic for him and distressing for me. Your daughter sounds like she is being really brave, I hope the easter bunny did his rounds with the clown doctors. I hope she bounces back soon for you all. Melx.

  2. oh megan! i have been wondering where you had gotten to. so sorry to hear that one of your babies has been ill. i hope she is on the mend quicker than quick. will be thinking of you. keep us posted if you are able to. hugs to you and your family, especially ella!


  3. i do hope she gets better soon. have missed you! lots of love and get well wishes coming your way.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how difficult that must be for you all. Sending you good wishes. x

  5. Oh no, I hope your daughtter makes a super speedy recovery. RCH is wonderful. That's one charity appeal that I never ever miss!

  6. i hope all gets back to normal quickly and ur daughter is feeling better soon! all the best guys :)

  7. So sorry.
    As mothers we would gladly trade places with our babies when they're not well.
    Wishing Ella a speedy recovery and sending warm wishes and strength to you and your family.

  8. Oh no. I wondered what was going on. I thought it may have been grandpa taking your time. And then I thought you'd moved on to the world of Pinterest.

    Poor Ella. I hope she's all right. Best place for them, in hospital, at least initially when you need the professional care. But it must have been very bad for her to be there for weeks.

    Please keep us updated on how she's going? I hope her three girls are with her keeping her occupied with their Blythey stories.

  9. Oh, that's not good to hear. I hope Ella gets better and is home with you soon. Wishing lots of good things for you all. xx

  10. Thinking of you Megan and hope Ella is back on her feet soon.
    Lots of love xxx

  11. Oh no Megan. I'm so sorry, I had noticed your absence.
    Sending you a great big hug and all the positive vibes I can that Ella will be well soon. Thank goodness for the RCH.

  12. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and well wishes for Ella. We are hoping she is back with us real soon, but unfortunately it won't be soon enough. Blogland is a happy escape for me at the moment as I continue to follow all your wonderful blogs. Pinning beautiful things on Pinterest has been therapeutically taking my mind off things for a wee while at the end of the day. Will keep you posted on the progress of our gorgeous girl! Thanks again, you are all wonderful!

  13. i'm so sorry to hear about your ella. we went through a long illness with one of my daughters last year, and it's tough on the whole family.

    wishing you all the best.

  14. Megan, I have been thinking of you constantly since I read your post... can't imagine just what you are going through... I did one night in hospital with Elsie and that was enough to last me a lifetime. My prayers are for you and I hope that Ella recovers soon. Thank heavens you have stitching and the internet as a small distraction, Michelle xx


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