Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday show and share

Yesterday I made a trip to my local quilt shop and each time I go I always stop at my 'favourite' op shop which is all of 20m away from the quilt shop. Always a great outing.

This particular Op shop (st. vinnies) ticks the boxes for me because:
  • the staff are delightful
  • the prices are the prices things should be in a thrift shop
  • they regularly have vintage sheets, tea towels, doilies etc (which a lovely volunteer often seems to be 'tidying' up. So cute and always in for a chat)
So for today's show and share here is my stash collected yesterday: 4 unwashed souvenior linen teatowels; an unused vintage tablecloth; a fabbo granny square afghan using the best colour combo (as a good friend of mine would say 'it's so wrong, it's right!!) ; some retro glasses and a retro small jug thingy (unsure  what it is for ? salad dressing)
 What a great day!

On a recent (very, very rare) trip to Melbourne, my Husband and I were walking to Brunswick street and en route there were some handmade shops and markets. Below is a photo of a shop which stocked pretty much upcycled handmade items. Some great ideas in there.

Have a great weekend.  Brisbane seems to be heading for a very wet one!!!

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