Monday, October 11, 2010

Crochet rugs and rain, rain, rain!!!

Brisbane is wet, wet, wet!! We were woken to the sound of extremely heavy rain here. Wish I had a rain guage to know how much we had. The dams must be overflowing! NEWS REPORT: 260mm and flash flooding. Easing today.

On a wim this weekend I started chopping up old t-shirts to crochet a floor rug. I needed more colour so I rushed off to Spotlight to get some t-shirt material. I am thinking I will make (4) squares like this granny square and join together. I have used a 15mm hook and cut my strips about 1inch wide. Making rugs is alot of fun and quite a good workout for the arms.


  1. Oh my - I want a tshirt granny rug too! Too bad I won't be making one any time soon (...okay... ever...), but yours is looking grand in it's beginnings!

    Happy Blogtoberfest! Thought I'd swing by the tail-end of the list & say hello!

  2. Thanks Vic
    This is all new to me so thank you so much for takin the time to comment. Megan

  3. I really need to learn about crochet some time - crocheting with t-shirt fabric? I had no idea! Lou.


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