Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally some sewing

Love everything about the 70's.  I Often wonder who came up with the idea of putting calenders on teatowels???

Made for a friend who has a very anxious(but cute) miniature daschund

Yesterday was cold and wet here in Brisbane. We had a nice day in doing not much. I was desperate to do some sewing so went for a small project. The pattern for these bags can be found at  .

It is a very easy pattern to follow. You can make them any size you want to suit your needs. My material was cut to 10.5 inches x 17.25 inches (this was because I was cutting up vintage tea towels). I also added the handle (sewn in when doing the side seams). The daschund bag was made using a fat quarter.

This size will be great for a toiletrie bag or for carrying a sewing or crocheting project on the go.

I am also liking these for end of year teacher presents. Off to spotlight today to get some more interfacing and zips.


  1. these look great - similar to some I've been making recently but without the boxiness. thanks for the link to the pattern. happy blogtoberfest!


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