Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Bloggers Quilt Festival 2010

My first quilt festival entry.
Made for young Charlie last year.

I had the Alexander Henry 'Traffic' fabric for a while and suddenly thought I better make something from it before he 'grew' out of the cars theme.

When I pulled it out to take photos of it he yelled 'That's mine, what are you doing with it'.
Mmm, slightly possessive about his quilts.

I used cotton batting which makes it lovely and soft and lightweight.
Perfect for our spring and summer season.

I was just 'starting to get the hang of' free motion quilting with this quilt.
Confidence and free motion quilting is a good thing.

I love this quilt because it is so bright, happy and 'boyish' and it feels fantastic.

Use the link to the right to go and look at some inspiring quilts. Something for everyone.


  1. Fabulous - particularly like the different fabrics in the binding

  2. What a fun quilt! I love how your boy gets all possesive over his quilt, shows that he must really love it!

  3. So colorful and fun. What child wouldn't love this?

  4. gosh, that is a really happy fun quilt!

  5. I love it! I'm not a quilter but have close family friends and my Aunty who are. Think I might share the quilts I've been the lucky recipient of. x

  6. Cute! I love that car fabric, hadn't seen it before. I can see why Charlie loves it!

    Happy Festival!

  7. i ADORE this quilt. the colors. the back. love.

  8. I love your quilt! I love seeing some boy quilts, cute fabric.

  9. woow that is the cutest quilt with all those gorgeous bright colours

  10. i love it!! and the back is just as much fun as the front. beautiful

  11. Very cute! I love quilts for boys, too. The cars are great.

  12. Isn't it great how children become so attached to their quilts. My daughter has worn her one to shreds and needs a new one :)


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