Sunday, October 24, 2010

Curbside collection. Blogtoberfest day 24

Brisbane City council offers curbside collection of certain unwanted household goods (furniture, whitegoods, bigger rubbish items etc). It is really quite handy, stimulates households to get rid of stuff and have a tidy up. Also handy for scavengers to pick up interesting items that you might normally pay for in a thrift shop (not that I don't love donating to charity).

When I was out and about on Saturday (ie taxiing a child somewhere) I noticed these old grandma and grandpa chairs on the side of the road. I couldn't stop because I was in our 'sedan' type car so they would not have fitted.

On our way home tonight from a lovely time catching up with a group of old friends, I remembered the chairs. "Quick turn around, I want to show you something!" Low and behold they were still there and he was able to stuff them into the back of our 4WD (after a bit of cursing).

So I am now the proud owner of these old fashion 'watching TV' type chairs. The frames are in fantastic condition but I might have to have a go at reupholstering them. Not to sure if I am up to that job yet, but shall give it a go.


  1. You lucky thing, they are wonderful, I can imagine they will look great with a big crochet blanket draped over them.x


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