Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 26. New toys and quilting

Today I am spending my afternoon quilting, would love to get it finished before school pickup but it is proving to be a challenge. Thankfully I have a new toy (and the BeeGees) to get me through this process.
Hubby and I are off to see Robyn Gibb Friday night here in Brisvegas. Feeling very excited about it but also very intrigued to see him solo. We are huge Bee Gees fans and love the fact that they lived in Redcliffe in the late 1950's (a city very close to Brisbane). This is a big statement I realise and possibly a tad daggy and embarrassing. However I challenge you to try not to dance to songs such as 'Stayin Alive'; 'Saturday Night Fever'; 'You should be Dancing' etc etc. It is hard.


  1. Are they gloves you wear whilst sewing? You are so talented. What a nifty new toy. Careful to keep your eye on the sewing. Have fun at Robyn Gibb, look forward to the finished quilt. Don't worry alot of 'daggy' music is in my repetoire! :)

  2. Hi Sonia, thanks for your lovely comment. Quilting is easier with gloves on to help you grip the fabric. Will keep you posted about Robin.


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