Sunday, October 3, 2010

Belated 10th birthday party for Ella

The twins have not had a birthday party for several years, so it was decided to have seperate parties this year. James' was held at the time of their actual birthday and Ella's was held yesterday (a month later).

Ella is animal crazy, so for her birthday she invited some friends over with their pet dogs and we headed off to the local dogpark for some antics. The dogpark was essentially empty (probably due to bad weather and the AFL grand final) Great fun was had with 6 girls and their 6 dogs, despite the weather.

Annie the Golden Retriever  
Annie the golden retriever coped well with lots of attention from 4 desexed males (she is coming into season). Coco the miniature sausage dog became obsessed with the chickens and cockatiels and had to be rescued several times as she became wedged between the chickenhouse and the concrete wall. Jasper the spoodle and Mitchell the cocker spaniel fell in love with the taller woman Annie. Our own puppy Peter was wet through and constantly had a 'what the....??" look on his face.

Thanks girls and your doggies for helping Ella celebrate her 10th birthday in a style she truly enjoyed.

1 comment:

  1. Just adorable. More photos please!!!! :)

    Luv Claire & Mitchell


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