Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last day of Blogtoberfest. Sunday sewing

Decided to experiment sewing with mexican oilcloth today for something different. So, of course made another zippered 'pencilcase' type thingy.
It turned out OK, bit tricky to sew with as the feeddogs have a bit of trouble with the slippery surface. 
The oilcloth would make a great toiletry bag.......(waterproof).

Did anyone else have a school 'port' like this mint condition baby?
I had one in Grade 1. 
Poor ergonomics meant the demise of these I'd say.
I couldn't believe it when I found this lovely one at the Salvos. 
I was taken back to Grade 1 when I opened it and it still had the most distinctive SMELL.
Isn't it strange how we have a 'smell memory'. 
To say thank-you to 'Tinniegirl' for hosting blogtoberfest I thought I would post pictures of a couple of my 'tins'. 
These gorgeous old girls hold sewing bits and pieces. Their days of looking after biscuits and slice are long gone as they are not 'airtight'

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