Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogtoberfest day 30. Saturday Show and Share.

Last day of Blogtoberfest tomorrow. Gosh the month has gone fast. Olive and Esther is now ONE month old.
I have developed even more respect for blogwriters now and there amazing computer skills. My computer skills are very dodgy and basic.
If there is anyone out there who can give me instructions on how to copy buttons (and links) from someone else's blog to my blog?? 
Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I just keep getting a 'link is broken' type message. I'm sure it is something simple I am missing.

Show and Share today is a 'Value Quilt' inspired by Katie of "Sew Katie Did' fame.

It is only lap sized (I don't often do small quilts as I like them to at least fit a single bed).
I do love the effect of using the different valued fabrics. There are some other great layouts that can be used as well.

Hubby and I are still enjoying a 'great concert hangover' this morning. It was fabulous!
Bonnie Tyler was the supporting act and she was 'awesome' (sorry about the kidspeak). She had the most amazing voice (especially for a 60yo) and full of personality.
Robin Gibb had a shaky start but boy when he warmed up he was superb. Gosh it was great, only to be possibly made greater by the presence of Barry and his 'falsetto' voice. The backup singers didn't do to bad I must say.  Ahhhh, one happy momma.

Made even happier by the sight and smell of this gorgeous magnolia flower in our garden.


  1. I LOVE this lap quilt. Will you use it for your lap? The colours are so vibrant and beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the concert. Love live entertainment.

  2. Hi Sonia
    Thanks for your comments. The kids usually use this one on the couch. Good size for them.

  3. Your value quilt turned out great. How did you quilt it? Love to see.


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