Monday, May 16, 2011

Let the Decorating begin...

We now have in our possession our new caravan.
Hubby proudly gave it a spit and a polish yesterday.
It came up wonderful.

This van was bought for our (6) month trip around Australia.
We are still hoping to do a lengthy trip but will have to wait and see how our Ella is getting on in her recovery.
We are not sure if we will keep it after the trip as storage is a little difficult.
Here it is parked on the footpath.

I have started the 'redecoration' project with some new curtains.
I chose some aqua gingham curtain fabric from Spotlight and will probably use the big spotted yellow fabric from Ikea on the smaller windows.

The 'Winona Caravan Quilt' will look fabulous on this bed.
This morning I was playing around with another quilt top which is also waiting patiently to be quilted.
It doesn't look to bad, might just be a tad to much aqua and yellow.
Oh the options are endless really....


  1. The idea of taking off in a caravan feels very appealing to me, and how much fun you can have decorating your caravan.
    A trip to look forward to for Ella must be wonderful, and exciting to talk about for when she is well.

  2. What fun! It's like having another room in the house to fiddle with. gxo

  3. What a gorgeous van, have fun decorating! Hope Miss Ella is on the mend,

  4. A trip in a stylish second home is just the thing to look forward to.

  5. You will be in good company as there are thousands of caravans on the road up North. The Victorians are on their way up for our winter!

    Your looks very stylish and I am hoping your little one is getting better.

    Pam x

  6. That is a pretty flash looking caravanski. I am picturing the gentle influence of the crochet nanna cushion in your decor. Is Ella giving you suggestions from her bed- a guest consultant?

  7. I am jumping up and down in excitement and clapping my hands! It'd going to look UNREAL!! You're going to have the trip of a lifetime. So cool. So very cool.

    Hugs for Ella. xo


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