Monday, May 23, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Our Poppy has moved into a Aged Care Facility so there were a few vintagey 'treasures' to be saved from the trailer heading to 'Vinnies'.

This cupboard was Hubby's Mother's (Kath) and it used to live under the house, in the dark, full of OMO and Nappy San.
I am sure Kath is having a laugh because her crazy Daughter-in-Law is now using it as a highly visible furniture piece.
My initial thought was to paint it up and make it all pretty but to be honest, I am likin' it as is.
 I would say Hubby's Grandfather would have made this little cupboard as he was a Carpenter.
Poppy used to use this 'Recession glass' bowl for his car keys and bits and pieces.
The gorgeous old photo is of Kath (right) and her sisters, Mavis and Col.
Very very cute.
Col doesn't look like she is letting go of that ball for anyone.
Last, but not least, a great 70's cassette case full of cassettes.
Very cute and still very usable (not sure for what as yet).

Head on over to Sophie's for more lovely old treasures.


  1. Loving all of your very special treasures. I think you are right, some items just don't need painting - until we change our minds!
    Have a great day.

    Pam x

  2. I'm likin' the cabinet as it is too! Very much!!

  3. It like the cabinet too. The fact it has sentimental value makes it a very cool piece. xx

  4. All very snazzy, especially the bowl. Somethings just never date do they?

  5. That cabinet is lovely especially with that painting over it and how pretty is that green glass bowl. Gorgeous bits. Did your Poppy live anywhere near MMMC's land of Grandad?

  6. I'm glad Poppy is somewhere where he can be looked after. Don't get me started on old people being like babies and needing lots of love ...

    Great scores! But they're not really 'scores' are they? You're holding on to pieces of family history which are priceless. That's why I love the Land of Grandad.

    I like that painting too. xo

  7. Love that cabinet exactly as it is- fantastic mustardy shade of yellow and that arched door too. The painting above is lovely as well. My mum has unfortunately gone all minimalist on me in the last few years and given away everything to the salvos so no treasures at her place. melx

  8. I think its great that you can use these old pieces and keep a bit of family history - i think Poppy would be pleased!


  9. Ok that cassette case is so cute! I just love it!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  10. The little cupboard is fantastic! one man's trash is another's treasure for sure! The bowl is just lovely as are the memories.

  11. these finds are so full of sentiment. i go all quiet.
    the cupboard reminds me of my dad. he used to make this kind of practical furniture. it looks so, so pretty in your place!

  12. Awww adorable!! So pleased they found a good home.

  13. Love them all, and wonderful to have special mementos from the past.

  14. I love your style it really looks great, the ambiance of the old house with the old cabinet, and the old photos on it, the cassette case I love it much. Thanks for the nice idea you have shared on your blog, before I saw this, I thought old places and stuff were useless but then I'm wrong. Great idea for a fantastic JOB.

  15. I like the cupboard as-is! What's a cassette? I don't know, but it's a lovely holder.

  16. I love love LOVE that little yellow cupboard and I am so glad you've left it as you found it...we have lots of old furniture from our rellies and apart from scrubbing off possom poo etc we haven't touched's all part of the family history I think. I also love the depression glass, family photo, cassette box and that painting above the cupboard too...there's a whole lot of love coming your way from me!

    ps your quilts are gorgeous too x


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