Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flea Market Finds

There is no time for op-shopping here at the moment unfortunately. 
However, I have been gifted these  a-m-a-z-i-n-g, still in the packet, set of double bed vintage sheets by the lovely Janice.
Thank you so much once again Janice.
These babies absolutely made my heart skip a beat and seek out a paper bag urgently.

It is truly difficult to take them out of their plastic bags.
Yes, some issues I do have.

Pop on over to Sophie's for some more thrifted beauties.


  1. Wow! I've got nothing to do tonight but comment on everyone's blogs ... that is a spectacular set of sheets. Incredible to think they've never been used.

    And the pattern is too cute? Now I'm dying to know what you'll use them for? They'd make great backing for a quilt. Or curtains for the van, man?

    Love to Ella.

  2. gosh, don't you just love them to bits! soooo lovely! hope all is well over there with you guys.


  3. Theses are very cool. Can't wait to see how you'll use them. I hope everyone is going well at casa Olive & Esther. xx

  4. Great colours- i'm quite into orange and mustard at the moment too. Seeing it everywhere. Looking forward to seeing what comes of the lovely florals.Mel.

  5. how gorgeous! you'll be the envy of many I'm sure!

  6. So colourful, so pristine and so much of it. I reckon MMMC has it with the caravan curtains and maybe a matching quilt and you could also cobble a bit onto your caravan quilt and maybe a bandana each for the family like club shirts...and a pair of shorts for you... This may be straying into Von Trappe territory.

  7. Wow, loooove these sheets! and to think that someone has held onto them all this time, never opening them.

  8. Score! Gorgeous sheets! Such a shame they never made queen size sheets back in the day....! Hope you guys are good,


  9. oh my gosh, they're just divine! i love me some orange vintage sheet goodness!

  10. I can see these sheets finding a happy home in your caravan. Such a warm, sunshine, and holidays vibe - perfect!

  11. may i just praise your header too, though?

  12. Gorgeous print, and a double too-score!


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